Client: Astrup/Trivantage
Project: New market entry

“Great looking” and durable” aren’t always synonymous with designer upholstery fabrics in the hospitality industry. We created a bold and irresistible direct marketing initiative called “Stomp”, which invited recipients to test this high fashion high performance fabric for themselves. With a directive to “place foot here, stomp down hard” on the cover, the recipient opened the mailer to find a packet of ketcheup on one side and a fabric swatch on the other. A tongue-in-cheek approach, it dared anyne to smash ketchup on the designer fabric. Simple cleaning instructions were included for the disbelievers.

As designers performed the ketchup test, they reached out to share their stories. A little risky, but the beginning of a perfect social campaign.
THE RESULT: exceeded average response rate and activated new customer relationships. 

Astrup/Trivantage is an international supplier of specialty fabrics and hardware used in the manufacture of awnings, structures, signs, casual furniture, tents, umbrellas, marine products (interior, tops and covers) for residential, commercial and architectural applications. They serve awning and marine fabricators, architects, sign manufacturers, digital printers and upholstery shops.

The client’s High Point Collection of Sunbrella® high performance fabrics add style and excitement to interiors, casual furnishings and marine upholstery applications. This product was their first step into the hospitality market.

National AAF ADDY, District AAF ADDY, Cleveland AAF ADDY

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