At the center of everything brand

The ultimate goal of a brand identity is to capture your brand in one powerful design. It represents your vision, sets you apart from competitors, and is the memorable and compelling fingerprint for customers, employees, and shareholders. Its unique design and characteristics belong to only one brand.

Each identity design involves tapping into many skills to produce. Market insight, strategy, naming, customer experience, and brand positioning all contribute to a well-conceived identity. We believe that identity design is as much a disciplined strategic venture as it is an artistic and creative one.

Each identity is a powerful statement about where that brand currently stands and where it’s heading. That’s quite a bit to pack into something so small.

Logo and identity for Developers Diversified Realty, a shopping center real estate investment trust.

Logo, identity, online and off elements for Navigate, a real-time emergency crisis tool designed to help school and business staff respond safely and effectively during a crisis with first responders.

Name, logo, identity and website for Youme Healthcare, a telehealth provider targeting mental and behavior health in our youth and their families.

Logo and identity for distributors, restaurants, cosmetics, consultants and corporations.