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The ultimate goal of a brand identity is to capture your brand. It represents your vision, sets you apart from competitors, and is the memorable and compelling fingerprint for customers, employees, and shareholders. Its unique design and characteristics belong to only one brand.

Each identity design involves tapping into many skills to produce. Market insight, strategy, naming, customer experience, and brand positioning all contribute to a well-conceived identity. We believe that identity design is as much a disciplined strategic venture as it is an artistic and creative one.

Each identity is a powerful statement about where that brand currently stands and where it’s heading. That’s quite a bit to pack into something so small.


Client: Developers Diversified Realty
Projects: Brand identity | Annual report

Developers Diversified Realty is an open-air shopping center real estate investment trust. They were one of the first developers in the nation to anchor shopping centers with Big Box retailers and attach inline specialty and smaller space retailers. The new logo updated their image, reflected their culture and growth and yet paid homage to the original logo design. Other elements, including their annual reports, reflected the brand color palette while conceptually challenging the category norms to reflect their ambitious culture.




Client: NaviGate
Project: New product name and brand identity, online product and print elements

NaviGate is a real-time emergency crisis tool designed to help schools and businesses respond safely and effectively during a crisis. The product provides first responders with visual access, communications and critical information to a facility during a crisis. The name “NaviGate” reflects the idea of having the ability to move through a facility and access critical information, while the accent on “Gate” emphasizes that this is a portal for first responders. The eye symbol reinforces that this tool provides access to see what was previously unavailable.


Client: Youme Healthcare
Project: Name, brand identity and launch

This startup is a telehealth mental and behavior health provider for youth and their families.

One of the best creative approaches is to “demonstrate” the value a brand offers. The name “Youme” does just that while capturing this company’s true essence – to make our youth happy and healthier. The blending of “you” and “me” in the name immediately communicates the one-to-one partnership between the child/family and therapist. The friendliness and simplicity of the typeface along with the introduction of the two dots above the “u” not only captures the brand personality and purpose, but the expected result of the engagement. The tagline”Happiness can’t wait” further supports their corporate culture.

The brand identity design projects a sense of energy, confidence and vitality to children and their families, as well as internal stakeholders and health providers. The identity is simultaneously strong and yet approachable, which is key in communicating the values of the company in a way to resonate with the target audience.