A David vs. Goliath and Goliath story.

Client: Parma Community General Hospital
Project: Brand campaign
We helped develop their annual marketing plan, strategies, creative and media. We actively partnered with their internal marketing department and additional external resources to adjust the messaging appropriately into social and digital.
The client was an independent community hospital competing with two goliath health systems well known for their clinical expertise. Our challenge was to raise the community’s awareness of Parma’s clinical achievements while reinforcing their compassionate non-clinical care.
Our marketing audit uncovered the need to develop a brand-message hierarchy. We formulated the campaign to blend both their personal and clinical culture. The overall brand tagline was “To us, it’s all vital.” with copy tone supporting their mission of “Treating you better begins with knowing you better.”
The creative reinforced their “compassionate care” using “real-life” relationships and moments between the hospital and patients while delivering the message of clinical expertise.
Since the client was surrounded by the competition geographically, we needed tight media strategies that answered to our demographic and geographic targets. The broadcast cleverly book ended 15-second spots to grab the first and last impression in commercial time slots. This also lowered production budgets while providing the opportunity to expand the campaign message through rotation of key services and service lines.
The campaign also enhanced current physician relations and physician recruitment opportunities.

Cleveland AAF ADDY

Aster Award, Honoring Excellence in Medical Marketing

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