Brand identity takes the lead for better vision.

Client: Lauren Innovations
Project: New product launch
Lauren Innovations is a company dedicated to the development and enhancement of technologies and services that contribute to a safer, healthier and more secure society.
This project launched a new online product for search and management of critical information to first responders. Allowing them to see what had previously been pretty much an unknown during emergency situations – interior layouts of a building, details on equipment, or live video feeds to see who is in a building and where.
First up was developing a brand name for the product. Our efforts lead to NaviGate. It translates as both a proper name for the product and a verb as well, adding a proactive quality. The logo was created around key brand attributes of ease, focus, flexibility, clarity, and immediacy. The cap “G” clearly identifies the product as a portal or “gate” in which to search and maneuver. The graphic symbol of an eye embraces the vision and focus of the product. The sans serif type was used to complete a design that’s fresh and responsive.

Product name | Logo | Interface design for online product | Website | Promotional “teaser” video | Collateral_32 page two-cover brochure to address both emergency and operational audiences | Trade show graphics | Interactive product presentation demonstrations

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