A brand new way to buy, sell and recycle medical devices.

Client: RSTI Exchange
Project: Brand name, logo and launch
RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute) is the world’s leading radiological training institute. We helped launch their sister company that buys, sells and recycles pre-owned medical imaging devices.
In instances where projects don’t have a research budget we set off to do our own exploratory research to formulate a solid marketing plan and brand strategy. We quickly determined that competition in this industry ranges from large players to small home-based businesses. We drew upon the parent company’s 30-year history and position as the industry leader to immediately gain industry expertise and customer confidence for the new company. With Latin America, Asia and Europe as key markets we created a multi-lingual website. Communication via email and phone would also be multi-lingual and enhanced by online chat. We also created the idea behind a product certification program to tier product choice and quality assurance for their customer.
Exploration for a company name lead to “exchange”, which stands for the act of trading or the central place or office for the trade/industry. This gave the brand a name to grow with and ease of translation.

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