To take advantage of all the growing marketing options available today, we need more vision than ever. We still need a clear focal point — a single big idea. But we must account for the roles and potential of the individual medium available to us. It’s not just about what a brand must say and do, but what it must enable as well. Creating ideas and solutions that not only educate and entertain, but drive participation in new and different ways.

As we venture into various mediums, it’s important to not only integrate ideas horizontally, but to apply the ideas to the mediums strengths. In the past, many marketers simply attached the same information to print and digital alike. Initiatives need to adapt the core idea to maximize the capabilities of each medium and use content in the most relevant manner to create impact.

This may sound obvious, but the truth is it’s easy to simply fall in love with mediums and force ideas literally across them instead of remaining fluid and properly delivering and integrating a message to the strengths of a well chosen medium.

It’s an exciting time, and as we move forward it will take more collaboration between clients and their marketing partners to effectively deliver a campaign across the available mediums.