Happiness can't wait

Client: Youme Healthcare
Project: Brand identity and launch

We were asked to develop a name and brand identity that would communicate the value of this startup and then bring it to life. This unique behavioral and mental healthcare network gives greater access to care by making intervention faster. By making appointments easier to schedule. By fully leveraging telehealth technology. By breaking down the physical and emotional barriers that prevent children and their families from getting care. And by helping everyone understand that emotional and behavioral health isn’t something to be ignored.

Name development | Brand ID | Brand positioning | Web presence

Our naming process explored directions based on everything from emotion to experiences to industry terms to borrowed words.

But when possible, one of the best solutions is to “demonstrate” the value offered. Through all the research and exploration one name did just that, capturing the true essence of this new company – to make you happy and healthier. The blending of “you” and “me” in the name immediately communicates the one-to-one partnership between the individual and provider. And the simplicity of the soft sans serif typeface and the introduction of the two dots above the “u” not only captures the brand personality and purpose, but the expected result of the engagement.

Even more, the identity projects a sense of energy, confidence and vitality that not only resonates with patients and their families, but the staff and providers within Youme.


The next step was to bring life to Youme Healthcare through an online presence. The strategy concentrates on breaking down the emotional barriers and access to help, while simply speaking to youth and their families about virtually any issue children may be facing. Just like the brand’s name implies. Happiness can’t wait. And at Youme you can expect personal help when you need it.

Happy is not thinking I'm always going to die
Happy is when the other kids stop laughing at me
Happy is not feeling like I'm going to explode
Happy is when my parents like me
Happy is not always feeling afraid
Happy is not always being mad