It depends what you’re talking about. In a basketball player. Big is generally better. In a branding firm, we believe small is better. More responsive. More creative. More affordable.

And more importantly, there are no layers where good ideas can get lodged or lost. It’s a model that allows us to work with a short list of clients to continually do work that we’re proud of. Work that helps clients use the power of clarifying their brand position and realizing the importance of standing out and being different.

Our size and ability to collaborate and partner with smart, creative people allows us to give our clients more for their budget. For over 25 years, we have not been concerned with agency of record status, but helping clients where we fit best. Our clients like the idea that we are small enough to sit down at one table and decide together where your brand is going and how to get there. But big enough to do the kind of work that makes people take notice. Because in the end, that’s the true measure.