Let's go back to when advertising usually consisted of classic TV spots, radio and print ads, with only a handful of media channels. The advertising and agency world strictly divided into its respective disciplines. Along came integrated marketing, communication and sales in which all the disciplines are interlinked. Then the opportunity to reach everyone at once with a single idea that can impact people everywhere. This is when we, Bob Petersen and Judy Jessen, started out in Cleveland, Ohio. Founding the Mitchell Allen Group, an advertising agency offering a core team of full-time and seasoned flexible members. A formula that allowed us to oversee and respond to clients while having the strength of numbers when needed. This year, we celebrate a 30-year story. After years utilizing this successful approach, we see the industry landscape changing and so are we. Now expanded to Virginia Beach, Bob and Judy have evolved away from the agency model to help companies and agencies jumpstart their marketing strategy and creative as consultants on an as needed basis.

So what exactly does this look like? We look to augment the staffs and needs of marketers and agencies that are looking for seasoned thinking but without the risk of a full-time workforce. More and more, one or both of us has been stepping in to help internal or external marketing groups develop marketing plans, strategies and creative solution presentations. Then handing it over or working with internal staffs to execute.

We see the value of a flexible workforce as an asset in times like these. Our work has always been a "people first” and “customer first” approach and never has that been more important than it is now

We’ve helped  small companies look big and big companies look smarter

A little about us

Judy Jessen

For over 30 years, Judy has led Mitchell Allen in developing marketing solutions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies in a variety of categories for small to medium sized businesses in the United States and Canada.

She delivers innovative and effective marketing campaigns by aligning the strategic direction of marketing efforts with overall growth initiatives, and executing tailored strategies for diverse product and service offerings. Her client side marketing and management experience adds strong insight with a keen respect for budgets, schedules and project accountability.

Judy has developed various industry specialties that have in common multiple, complex business channels, markets, users, end-users, products and services. This complexity demands that the marketing works smarter and harder.

She has deep experience in several industries allowing her to leverage her experience in new and creative ways for any client.

Judy is passionate about all things marketing. She balances a practical mindset with creative business acumen.

Virginia Tech, BS, Textile and Retail Management with a minor in Business Administration
Past President of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Marketing Association

Bob Petersen

Get to the heart of what a brand is about, what makes it tick – and then use that to get to a compelling brand identity. With change happening at breakneck speed and bringing fresh challenges, view it as an opportunity to channel that change in a creative, positive way.

Under Bob’s guidance the agency has gained a reputation for developing ideas that evoke response. With a list of awards too long to fit on this page, he is skilled at putting together ideas and designs to create powerful, integrated campaigns.

One skill that he is most proud of over the last 26 years of running his own creative shop is identifying, assembling, teaching and directing the right creative people with the right skills into powerful, integrated teams that consistently provide the highest caliber of creative no matter the client, no matter the challenge.

Awards: Over 40 local, district and national Addy awards plus various industry awards.

Kent State University, BFA Graphic Design & Illustration
Kent State University Adjunct Faculty , Visual Communications and Design Department
Old Dominion University Adjunct Faculty, Strome College of Business